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Test for your enjoyment only     Remember this should be fun. 

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Questions/Answers from users:

Study material and sources for questions that make up the master questions.  These questions are in some cases far removed from what it takes to manage honey bees. Click here for explanation   

I do welcome suggestions for test question.  contact me at stahlmanapiaries@aol.com   If you should have a question please provide me with the following information.  If you miss a question it will be highlighted in red.  When you move the mouse arrow over the red wrong answer -- at the top of the page is the correct answer.  Answers begin with a number followed by text. I need to know which test you took [beginning, advanced, master or true/false] and the number of the question example [234 this is the answer to the question]  I can then find the question in the data base.  All questions are selected by a random test generator so the number of the question is no help at all.  Test questions are numbered 1 to 50.  I have corrected a number of errors and I am sure there are still some that I have not found.   Thanks for your help in getting this right.

These test are being tested themselves as they are developed.

You may also submit test questions to add to our data base or question why a certain answer is given as correct.  Contact Dana at stahlmanapiaries@aol.com to help improve the questions on this site.